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Working in the playground of her mind, Kirsty E. Smith makes works which are deeply personal whilst simultaneously connecting with the viewer on a universal level.

Her works resonate on a deeply emotive level often taking the viewer back to a "place " deep in their subconscious.

Frillip Moolog
is the name that Smith has given to such a place
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  Anthropomorphism and The Absurd; so much to learn from William Kentridge.  

Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK
Phone: 07739 959 951


Website updated
New page added to feature new collages.

Fun video adding to my steel story project

After a meeting at 20:21 in Scunthorpe I shot this short video piece. Just adding to the story!more

Oct 2013
Wells Art Contemporary
Selectors Bruce McLean, Richard Wentworth and Dan Hays..